KENTAUR Switzerland - Your partner for the refinement of cereals. Healthy, balanced, modern and varied

  • Our products

    We produce flakes, pops, crumbs and further products from cereals for our customers around the world.




  • Flakes & pops

    Corn and other types of grain are processed according to individual recipes to produce flakes and puffed cereals, with or without coatings. Furthermore, we package the products in bags or folding boxes ready for sale.

  • Crumbs

    We also produce crumbs from cornflakes or puffed cereals for our customers, as input products for crumb coatings and muesli bars.

  • More

    In our contract packaging division we fulfil a wide range of packaging wishes for our customers. Be it bags or folding boxes - KENTAUR also enables you to benefit from innovative packaging technology. Just in time, together with highly attractive conditions. Just ask us!

  • Our quality

    For KENTAUR AG, quality is the primary focus. Thanks to modern production equipment, first-class raw materials and certified production processes we are a reliable partner for our customers.


  • Certificates

    KENTAUR AG is committed to the utilisation of optimum operational processes and an intact environment. This is underlined not least by numerous certificates, which guarantee compliance with standards and quality requirements.

  • Raw materials

    KENTAUR AG refines practically all types of cereal such as oats, barley, wheat, corn, rye, etc. In doing so we utilise a range of process technologies such as shelling, flaking, puffing, boiling, roasting and coating. With our raw materials we are particularly careful to ensure high and consistent quality. Because only from good raw materials can an excellent product come into being.

  • Quality assurance

    KENTAUR AG only manufactures products suitable for consumption in compliance with standards relating to ethics, hygiene and the environment, which satisfy the applicable legal regulations and which fulfil the requirements of our customers in every regard. In doing so all quality criteria as well as responsibilities and processes are specified, understood across all levels and accordingly applied and realised.

  • About us

    KENTAUR was the first manufacturer of oat flakes in Switzerland, over 150 years ago. Today, KENTAUR AG is a modern processing company for cereals, with customers around the world.


    • Portrait

      Since 1846 healthy foods have been produced in Lützelflüh in Emmental on the basis of cereals. We process around 10,000 tons of maize, wheat, spelt and rice every year to produce cereal flakes, cereal pops and puffed cereal products.

    • Your contact partners

      You can find the most important contact partners at KENTAUR AG here. We are happy to assist you at any time. If you should be unable to find your personal contact partner here, please visit the contact page.