Modern and environmentally friendly

KENTAUR AG produces around the clock in accordance with the latest requirements and with well-developed technology. Only in this way are the high demands of our customers satisfied.

From tradition to technological strength

The attainment and assurance of requirements-compliant and consistent quality are of primary importance to KENTAUR AG. Also associated with this are technologically mature solutions. At KENTAUR these constitute traditional strengths of the company.

Our objective is to ensure that our personnel are able to operate and maintain our machinery and technology with confidence and ease, despite these constituting state-of-the-art systems.

At KENTAUR AG, numerous production lines are in operation around the clock for a range of processing technologies:
Cornflake system for all cereals, coating systems, cereal puffing system, various packaging lines, milling and impact grinding, shelling and rolling mill, silo operations, groat cutting systems, flaking systems.

  • Sampling during Galileo filming work.

  • Leading-edge technology for the production of puffed cereals.

  • State-of-the-art scales guarantee precise and rapid packaging.