Our products

The KENTAUR range encompasses flakes and pops from numerous raw materials in a wide range of formats. Be they natural or coated - we guarantee the best quality.

  • Flakes

    The grain (e.g. maize grits) is cooked according to individual recipes to produce the various flakes. After this, the cooked grains are rolled and then roasted.


  • Coated flakes

    KENTAUR makes good even better. The coating for the roasted flakes can consist of glucose (sugar syrup), honey, raw or fine crystal sugar.


  • Puffed cereals

    With the aid of a thermal process we turn cereals into so-called "nuts". During this process the raw material is puffed in split seconds.


  • Coated pops

    We also refine our puffed cereals with the help of glucose, honey, raw or fine crystal sugar. This results in pops for connoisseurs.


  • Crumbs

    Crumbs from cornflakes or rice are used for example as a raw materials for crunchy crumb coatings and muesli bars. We are able to produce a range of different sizes.


  • Contract packaging division

    We also package your product for you! In our contract packaging division we fulfil a wide range of packaging wishes for our customers. Be it bags or folding boxes - KENTAUR also enables you to benefit from innovative packaging technology. Just in time, together with highly attractive conditions.

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Kentaur products in the retail sector in Switzerland

The main customers of our products in Switzerland are the major wholesalers Coop and Migros. You will find flakes and pops in a wide range of varieties on the shelves of almost every branch. Added to this come a number of smaller supermarkets and retailers such as Morga, Manor and Hug.